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 Death of a Lion

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PostSubject: Death of a Lion   Sat Jul 05, 2008 7:22 am

Zira observed the lions scraping for a living. She turned to get her own food, but it was gone! She hardened her face and looked around-there! That lion was gorging herself. She growled and approached her. The lion looked up, her face terrified. "Zira, I'm-i'm sorry!" Zira snarled and slashed her face. The lion was screaming in pain. "D'ya think you can just take my food?!" "Zira, please, I'm sorry!" "'sorry' isn't good enough!" Zira dug her claws into the lion's throat. "You're paying the price!" The light slowly went out of her eyes. Zira snarled, "Anyone else?" The other lions quickly shook their heads and scattered. One of you take this dead weight and toss her into the river!" She stalked off as a timid lion came up and dragged the other off.
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Death of a Lion
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